Luxury Property Management

Caring for Your Home in Turks and Caicos

Our property management team was formed after a growing number of villa owners expressed their need for a reliable, competent firm with the highest integrity to care for their luxury property. In response, Projetech Construction Ltd put together a team to manage and care for its clients’ homes and guests. After success in the property management realm, we have expanded to include luxury villa rental and concierge services to better serve you  – the client.

We offer a fully managed, data driven solution for homeowners to deliver expertise in the management and rental of their properties and the care of their rental guests.

Our mission is to build a small yet exclusive portfolio of properties to provide guests with an unparalleled experience and owners with the attention and care they deserve.

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Why Choose Us?

Your Piece of Paradise is in Good Hands

 Our focus is on quality and exemplary service, not quantity. By concentrating on a limited number of first-class properties, we can maintain our focus on our owners and our guests. 

Working hand in hand with sister company Projetech Construction Management & Services, our comprehensive services for homeowners include property management and preventive maintenance. For owners, our team takes care of property accounting, billing and disbursements, staffing and payroll, repairs and service, licensing, management of vehicles and boats, and more.

Our experience with boat management as part of your property care is unmatched. As owners and operators of sister company Panoply Sport Fishing & Luxury Charters since 2008, we have valuable knowledge of vessel care and longstanding relationships with service and parts providers.

This turnkey approach allows our clients, and all of our vendors, the convenience of one contact throughout the entire process. This provides owners with the peace of mind that their project, home and guests are all in good hands. No other group in Turks and Caicos, we believe, can offer this range and standard of service. 

Our Services:

  • Property Manager
  • Comprehensive Third Party Accounting
  • Preventive Maintenance and Repairs
  • Business and Vehicle Licensing
  • Homeowners and Liability Insurance
  • Procurement
  • Villa Rental and Guest Management
  • Staffing and Staff Management
  • Customized Services to Your Needs
Our personal butler and concierge services are here to make every aspect of your stay with us an absolute breeze. ⁠ ⁠ Tap the link in bio to start planning your next trip with us.
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The best part of any holiday is not having to worry about anything at all. And at Hummingbird Luxury, we truly mean anything: Whether for large celebrations, everyday meals, or the small snacks in between, our private chefs are available to cook up whatever you desire. Just say the word and we’re there. 🍍🦀🍗🍝
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Ever wanted to watch a sunset from a tropic isle? 🌅 ⁠ Both our villas are ideally situated to capture the beauty of a new day, but also the wonders of an island sunset. And there’s simply no better way to end the day.
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